Lots of outcomes happen as a result of decisions; but bigger results are the products of stability.

Founded in 1985 with the big goals of a small capital, Atempo continues its way with a strong reflex of meeting the needs of industry and guarantees professional service in the fields of sound, light and low current systems.

By acting with an innovative approach and growing everyday with the electronic systems and the brands which it represents, Atempo continuously expands its activity fields in accordance with the changing and diversifying demands.

Atempo Group of Companies offers a project design and technical service in order to meet the demands of end users and dealers from all over the country; and serves in three different regional offices that are located in Antalya, İstanbul and Ankara with more than 145 employees including project design and active sales teams.

We are becoming stronger; because we grow bigger with each passing day.

With experience and knowledge, Atempo Group of Companies continues to expand its activity field. Atempo provides project design, sales and technical service in its offices located in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Cyprus. Atempo also engages in project design and production activities in many countries like Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Chechen Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Jordan, Iraq, Sudan, Palestine, Kosovo, Romania and the Netherlands.

You can meet us anytime.

With the active participation to the sound and lighting exhibitions held in Turkey, Atempo Group of Companies can introduce the end users and dealers to the brands it distributes; and by providing the necessary training opportunities, Atempo can bring its knowledge and experience to you.

With its global awareness, Atempo also participates in professional audio and video exhibitions abroad; and enriches its knowledge with new experiences.

We trust in ourselves; because we know what we are doing.

Atempo Group of Companies provides in-service training to its Sales and Engineering teams where the trainings are held on site or by technical personnel of companies abroad. Where necessary, we also provide trainings for special products to our end-users and dealers.

From the service network to the access and training; from product line to after-sales service, Atempo continues to take careful steps from the very first day it was founded.
  • Our new distributorship!

    We are proud to announce our new distributorship!


    A new page, a new era for Atempo and the Turkish Market!


    World’s leading microphone manufacturer Shure, collaborates with Atempo in the Turkish Market.


    As of today we start to serve you with our stocks and trained personnel; and distribute the complete product ranges of Shure into the Turkish Market with the service and know-how quality of Atempo.


    Atempo Group of Companies
    Only licenced distrubutor of Shure in Republic of Turkey
    Shure Technical Services





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